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Just run
Ah, the brisk, fresh air. Too pure to really take in without fully savoring it, and combining that with a nice, relaxing picnic with some fresh produce, pure bliss. I'm sure that most wouldn't really indulge themselves in something as seemingly commonplace and normal as this but, I don't get too many luxuries nowadays. Mostly that's because of... him, I don't know his name or much about the man in the white hat, but I know he and his goons are after me. Why? because he took my brother in a similar way to the way he's trying to take me; and all I can do is run
I didn't believe him when he said he was being followed because we usually keep under the radar of most people that would try and hunt us, usually keeping in low-populated areas that don't have a lot of people in them; this is why we tried to avoid cities. I told him that he was just paranoid and that he should only act if he sees someone try and attack him, as to not draw attention and make things worse. Turns out he was right, a
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Impostor :iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 2 0
Impostor 64 (creepypasta)
"I'm really in awe that I'm actually sitting before on of the people who worked on the actual game!"
"Good to hear, really is a shame though, quite a few things in that game I wanted to keep, but couldn't because of peer pressure."
"Oh, I'd kill to see what all that was, I know how strenuous the creative process is."
"do you now?"
"Then here, take this with you as a gift."
"Heh heh, you're welcome, nice meeting you."
My name is Grace, I am a college student and a devoted gamer. I was a child of the late 90's so one could guess I grew up with the likes of the Nintendo 64, and you would be right, and one of my favorite games was Super Mario 64. It was my very first video game I ever owned,  and I didn't own any other game for more than a full year, so you bet I ate it up like a kid on Halloween devours candy. I got other games such as ocarina of time, perfect dark, and other classics like that (as well as crappy licensed ports, but no
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 0
Muscled machines (knuckles.exe)
    Lights fading... everything going numb... he's just standing over me, monologuing to my dying corpse "So many souls to play with, so little time, wouldn't you agree?"
I wake up with a shock, where was I, the last thing I remember is being forced into this echidna body only to be taunted and killed by some sort of monstrosity that calls himself sonic. I looked up at the man above me, he looked like the avatar I was forced to control, but with dead, black-and-red eyes and a darker shade of red all over his body, he also was wearing business casual attire.
"State your identity 000657!" He demanded. Did he mean my name?
"Uh, I am Kurt Langley." I responded, a little confused. "Splendid" He said back to me,  "come with me Mr. Langley." He ordered. Good, maybe I would finally get out of the darkness I was in and maybe instead get into a more comforting environment, I mean an office can't be that bad compared to what I
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 3 1
Immolated Itinerants (tails.exe)
    Ugh... Where am I? I look around me to find that I at in a strange cliff side area next to an ocean.  I feel so delirious, I can't really remember who I am, or much about my past. It's like I've been asleep for what feels like days, or maybe even weeks I feel so out of it. I look around to see what the area is like and where I can get help. I notice that the area seems rather, bright and colorful, Vibrantly green grass, Checkered stone formations of yellows and oranges, bright and tall sunflowers, freshly crimson bl-
"blood?" I said to myself.
I ran out to the spot to investigate, with some feeling coming back to my body to find, I had two extra limbs On my rear, and yellow fur. Looking down,  I noticed that I looked familiar somehow, like a character I knew from somewhere. Tails? was it? I grew more curious as I had to consider two things: 1) Wasn't Tails a guy, and if so, why am I still a girl. 2) Was I always like this? I feel like my lack of consciousness fo
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 1
Revision And Minor Edits :iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 1
Midknightmare (creepypasta)
xxsonofFakerxx: Ugh, we lost another teamfight, Mid, why don't you go in first?
Cutman: Sorry man, I just couldn't get them all together.
Cutman: I didn't want to waste it.
xxsonofFakerxx: wait,
xxsonofFakerxx: Is that a mystic dagger?
Cutman: I cast a lot so I thought it would be useful.
xxsonofFakerxx: FUCKING NOOOOOB!
SNAX yandere: Lay off, dick
xxsonofFakerxx: YOU'RE A FUKING SCRUB!
xxsonofFakerxx: WHY ARE WE FRIENDS?
xxsonofFakerxx: YOU SUCK DIIIIIICK!
Server: Your enemies proved too strong this time.
xxsonofFakerxx: ...
xxsonofFakerxx: srsly cutman
xxsonofFakerxx: go fucking die!
My name Brian, but you may know me by my username online xxsonofFakerxx. I'm an unmatched god of MOBAs and I'd have diamond in League of Legends if my teammates weren't losers and would listen to what I said we should do, they keep telling me to farm when I could just as easily get kills on my enemy
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 0
I_LOVE_YOU (creepypasta)
            I feel I must explain how I got here to someone, lest I fall into obscurity. My name is Alex, I was mostly your average blue-collar worker at a supermarket trying to get money for education in programming. While I thought the money would help, I didn’t feel it was enough for anyone to consider me eligible for education, so, I took up a hobby. I looked into something both productive, and enjoyable for the likes of me. I took up rom hacking. I was rusty at first, making minor alterations to mega man games and sonic titles, not much to sniff at. I then took inspiration from other rom hackers and asked them for advice on what programming languages to use, how to make certain effects appear, and how to get proper attention for my work. I used all this combined information to make better hacks and mods, and with all my efforts and hard work, the public saw my products as: “meh” Not good, but not awful either. I should be dishea
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 8 4
Hard Drive (background)
In the year 2553 the world is as close to world peace as it has ever gotten, major wars have stopped occurring, and nuclear warheads have stopped production altogether (they still don't know how to fully dispose of them, but they decided to share them with other nations so that the MAD factor is equal); one factor of this is that political representatives practice a physical and chemical art known as: Mana kī spaṣṭatā (or "clarity of the mind) where one frees their mentality of seemingly all Ill will and open their minds to all possible viewpoints. In fact "Mana" has become so powerful that politicians have even stopped terrorist threats by simple speaking and reasoning.
   What also keeps the rage in check is the immense amount of machines and robots populating the various countries. Their functions range from remedial to imperative. However, some seem to have a common "bug" between the sophisticated learning robots within the last 100 years. That of se
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 0
Escaping Rocket's reticle
    My name is Roland, I'm 25 years old and I live in the Kanto region, I have A girlfriend named Alissa who is one year older than I am. I have optical issues, so I require glasses. Where I live Alissa and I have a stable artificial swamp biome to live in which we are.... I should probably explain myself first on how I got here. I should start on how I was before all of this. I was a Saffron city Silph co. worker working in graphic design. I helped in making the second model of porygon, I make most of the products' box designs (real groundbreaking I know but stick with me) I lived in a small apartment with my collage sweetheart. She and I dabbled in battling on occasion to be on par with some professionals (above the average 10 year-old but not quite at the level of most 20-25 year old adepts) we didn't announce our strategies and we combine moves to create more complex maneuvers like most our age do (just not as well) It was after one our matches that my troubles began.
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 2 2
Cast away
    Sometime in a distant future, various countries created their own deep space exploration programs for their own specified sectors. Many have gone off to bold new worlds and discovered great things. The US however was forced to pay for others expenses after losing a war they started themselves against most of the world. Because of this they only had enough money to pay for their basic living expenses and standards, even resorting to unethical under-the-table wheeling and dealing just to keep it alive. As one one would've expected it is the cheapest and most shoddy program one could possibly make. On this vessel, Jake, Margret, and Karen were just about to be sent to completely foreign planet by Capt. Shawn.
     "You must be the new girl, Margret." Jake said patting Margret on the shoulder. "Oh, hello." "Is there anything I should know before the briefing?" She replied sheepishly, Jake looked back, biting his tongue with a loss for words,
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 3 8
Endless purgatory- slash
     You realize how bad an idea it would be to run, so decide to slit his throat instead. With great success. The world after seems to glitch up and turn into a lab setting. You realize this was an experiment and that he was running it. You also notice your significant other trying to start his car outside, as a lucario, you wonder just what just happened to him as you walk outside to confront him. "You weren't going to leave without me were you?" The Anubis-like creature looks over at you in surprise.
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 1
Endless purgatory- run away
     You decide not to take your chances with the lunatic with a 2x4 and bolt out the house, while you are running, you realize this area is on a cliff side with no end, but not before hitting a tree and knocking yourself out.
     You wake up in an urban location in an alleyway. You don't remember who you are or why you're here. All you know is you need some money, and opportunity arises as some wealthy man walks by. Maybe he'll spare a few dollars to an attractive woman.
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 0
Endless purgatory-sword
     You decide to pick up the sword and examine it, not long after you feel gray fur rush up your body, your ears rise to the top of your head and become pointed, your hair grows longer and turns red. Your hands and feet turn to paws, and your clothes are destroyed in the process.
You have been turned into a zoroark by the sword.
     Before you can ponder this through a man in lab coat with a blunt instrument approaches you with hostile intentions, you have little time to react
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 0
Endless purgatory- painting
     You decide to look at the paining lest you cut yourself, and find four beast-looking figures figures inside, one light blue, one green, and one brown. One however was above the rest of them and looked more like a horse. You look closer at this painting and find yourself mesmerized by it. So much so it makes you fall asleep.
You awaken in a forest much shorter than you were before and it appears you turned into the horse-looking thing from the picture, a Keldeo. You listen around and hear a challenger approaching, good, you were starting to get bored from all of this. You ready yourself for battle, and let whatever may come your way.  
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 1
Endless purgatory-basement
     You decide to go downstairs and look around, you find it's filled with boxes, as if someone just moved in here. you find two things in here, a medieval sword that looks authentic enough to actually kill someone. You also find a painting that is in the way back.
So which to look at first.
:iconikaruga5:Ikaruga5 1 0

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